Tuesday, 11 February 2014

To Write Love On Her Arms

TWLOHA is an organisation I discovered years ago that has continued to grow and spread hope around the world. A source for help, hope, inspiration and love for those battling depression and addiction. There is something about their message and the way they portray it that has always struck a chord with me; I cried the first time I read founder Jamie's story about Renee and I continue to be overwhelmed with emotion when their new posts go live. There is something so pure and genuine about their determination to help those struggling. I would strongly recommend visiting their site if you feel alone, if you are unsure how to help someone who is suffering, or if you just want to read some truly awesome words. A post that really struck a chord with me recently was again written by Jamie, titled People Need People. (Read it here.) It is just so true. Depression can be so evil and can cause you to feel so so alone it is like being surrounded by a crushing darkness and nothing else. A small bit of light can come from many different sources, music, films, books, but ultimately it is always coming from other people. I couldn't not buy this t-shirt with Jamie's words on it because every single thing on it rang true to me. I am lucky enough to have a life filled with people that will not give up on me, who continue to fill my life with love and purpose and although depression my sometimes cause me to forget this and feel like giving up, I haven't. And that is definitely all because of the other people around me. Sometimes I feel like my posts can get a bit repetitive, you all probably know by now the people who I am really grateful for (you, reading this included) but I really owe them my life. I may never really beat depression but it is other people who will also never let it beat me. I have so many memories of old songs and new songs, and sunsets and coffees (well, teas) and so many other simple, beautiful moments that I am hoping this t-shirt will remind me of when I am just too tired or too sad to fight any more.
All in all, I am just grateful to other people and the moments they create. I am grateful to people like Jamie who will never give up on fighting for lost souls like myself. I am grateful for every single person who has made me smile at any point. And I am grateful for every person who continues to read my words and support me in my life. It is so easy to feel alone and it is so difficult to fight that feeling, but it is most definitely worth it.

Also, watch Jamie's latest talk on Depression and Desire here


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